Mikson Group combines extensive experience in product development with proven capabilities in market research, benchmarking and analysis to help companies formulate new product concepts, assess product development capabilities and streamline development operations.

We work with clients to improve and leverage their strengths to capitalize on market opportunities, identify synergies between products, reduce development time and costs, and create products that drive long-term growth and profitability. Our services include:

Service Offerings
Capability Development
  • Assess product development capabilities
  • Identify outsourcing opportunities
  • Develop best practice capabilities
Product Portfolio Management
  • Optimize the product development pipeline
  • Conduct resource allocation analysis
  • Analyze market opportunities and conduct product launch scenario assessment
  • Identify product synergies
New Concept Development
  • Identify unmet customer needs
  • Develop viable product concepts
  • Create detailed development programs that enable clients to bring concepts to market successfully
Process Redesign
  • Benchmark and identify best practices
  • Improve development process efficiencies
  • Reduce time to market

Please contact us at operations@mikson.com for additional information.