Mikson Group Consulting enables companies to improve performance and profitability throughout their value chain. We work with clients to achieve the efficiency, speed and flexibility required in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace.

By aligning business goals with operational strategies, we deliver bottom-line results quickly and have helped our clients save millions of dollars through enhanced efficiency. Additionally, Mikson Group’s senior teams located across the globe are well positioned to help clients optimize their distributed supply chains on an international scale.

Mikson Group’s services are modeled after a Program Management Office (PMO) process – a strategic framework for designing and deploying programs that aligns business process, people and technology to reach critical business objectives. Our PMO process also provides executives with the analytical tools for informed planning.

Clients are praising the Mikson Group PMO for key benefits including:

A focus on knowledge transfer: We ensure that the implementation process continues smoothly long after the Mikson Group team has departed.
A pragmatic and supportive approach: The Mikson Group team strives to fill in the gaps in a client’s knowledge and experience to ensure lasting progress.
Speed: The Mikson Group team works with the client to accelerate the completion of key tasks.
High return on investment (ROI): Our projects typically generate an ROI that shows a short-term gain and has an ongoing benefit.

Please contact us at operations@mikson.com for additional information.

Operations & Organization services include:

  • Organization Effectiveness
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Service Operations
  • New Product Development
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Transaction Services