Our consultants combine deep functional expertise with practical experience from the frontlines to provide our clients with consulting services that drive real impact and results.

„Mikson Group Consulting provided leadership in some gray areas of the business that needed definition. They created clarity in ambiguous situations, were effective quickly, and built allies across our organization.”

Radosław Michalak, Business Development, Mikson Group.

Operations and Organization

Major change presents significant challenges to an organization and its leaders. Maintaining a consistent vision, core values and ensuring that behaviors are aligned with strategic goals is difficult. READ MORE

Customer Acquisition

We have several years of experience in customer acquisition. We specialize in acquiring clients both business partners and individual consumers. READ MORE


Mikson Group Consulting addresses the critical question facing senior executives and develops blueprints for growth and increased shareholder value. We apply the demonstrated insight and expertise to achieve an organization’s business goals, whether it’s realigning your overarching corporate strategies, or identifying how separate business units can make the greatest possible contribution to theentire organization. READ MORE

Sales & Marketing

Which of your sales and marketing efforts are misfiring, and where is your brand portfolio falling flat? Mikson Group helps to address these questions by providing senior executives with a deeper understanding of their customers, and the strategies to build bigger and more profitable relationships with them. . READ MORE