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Turning losses into profits for a apparel retailer – business consulting

Retail | Consulting

The new owners of a clothing and accessory retailer known for its designs, hoped to accelerate growth by expanding into adjacent areas and extending its retail network, which included a catalog business. More

Zobacz jak konsultanci biznesowi Mikson Group rozwijają sprzedaż przedsiębiorstwa.

Acquisition of 80% of the largest retail chains in Poland by Mikson Group Consulting

Customer Acquisition | Consulting

Acquisition of 80% of the largest retail chains in Poland More

Przedsiębiorstwo naszego klienta dzięki naszemu doradztwu biznesowemu osiągnęło ogromne wzrosty sprzedaży

B2B firm sees significant growth for the first time in years

Strategy | Consulitng

This client’s growth success has been so incredible that in the first year of working with Mikson Group Cosnutling it is completely transforming the company and its future. More

Nasz konsulting biznesowy przyczynił się do wejścia w nowy segment rynku przez firmę naszego klienta

Global Food Products Leader Branches Out to Target New Market Segment

Strategy | Consulting

One of the world’s largest providers of food manufacturers was trying to define its strategic positioning within the growing functional foods space – everyday foods and beverages that are enhanced to provide targeted health benefits. More